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Organic extravirgin olive oil


The oil is of an intense green emerald color with golden tints.
Its fruity odor rich, medium intense, with hints of artichoke, aromatic herbs and cardoon flower.
The taste is in an harmonic way bitter and spicy .
The flavor medium fruity with a vibrant bouquet of grassy notes.
The bitterness is due to the presence of polyphenols known for their natural antioxidant properties.

Il Bucolico is a great oil that has the privilege of growing in a hilly area
where nature is still uncontaminated, maybe one of the last areas in the Tuscia

(special protected area) just north of Rome, with a magnificent view that extends towards the sea.



Bottle Formats: 10 Cl - 50 Cl - 75 Cl

Can Format: 3 L

il Bucolico

Organic Extravirgin Olive Oil

10 Cl

€ 5,00

il Bucolico

Organic Extravirgin Olive Oil​

50 Cl

€ 13,00

il Bucolico

Organic Extravirgin Olive Oil​

75 Cl

€ 18,00

il Bucolico

Organic Extravirgin Olive Oil​

3 L

€ 55,00