Extravirgin organic olive oil

100% Made in Italy

Quality, history and essence of a great oil, that is born from fatigue and love for the land.

On our farm olives grow in a natural way, they develop and ripen with the help of sun and rain only.

Our family has always had a profound love for nature: our father and before him our grandfather taught us to love and respect it. On our farm we grow approximately 3700 trees of different cultivar (Caninese, Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo e Pendolino) that we cure with love and affection: we only produce organic olive oil.

Aliai and Aisha Scoponi

Our Awards:

New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC)

Gold Award Winner

The NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition is the largest and most prestigious olive oil quality contest. Its annual list of award winners is the authoritative guide to the world’s best olive oils and the dedicated producers who craft them.

"Making great olive oil takes determination, skill and obsessive attention to details. Those who succeed get the worldwide attention they deserve at the industry’s premier event and throughout the year."

Slow Food Italia

Grande Olio Slow

"Grande Olio" is the award given to extra virgin olive oil which has evident qualities in terms of organoleptic properties and because it reflects the territory and the cultivar. To these characteristics, the Grande Olio Slow award adds the recognition of applied sustainable agronomic practices.

"Olio di qualità capace di emozionare in relazione a cultivar autoctone e territori di provenienza, ottenuto con pratiche agronomiche sostenibili."

A superior quality oil

The harvest starts in October when the olives, still green, have the best quality and organoleptic properties.

100% organic production

We aim for the absolute quality, an essence, that is born from fatigue and love for the land.

An uncontaminated area

Our oil comes from a hilly area where nature is still uncontaminated, maybe one of the last areas in the Tuscia.