Extravirgin organic olive oil

100% Made in Italy

Quality, history and essence of a great oil, that is born from fatigue and love for the land.

On our farm olives grow in a natural way, they develop and ripen with the help of sun and rain only.

Our family has always had a profound love for nature: our father and before him our grandfather taught us to love and respect it. On our farm we grow approximately 3700 trees of different cultivar (Caninese, Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo e Pendolino) that we cure with love and affection: we only produce organic olive oil.

Aliai and Aisha Scoponi

Our Awards:

A superior quality oil

The harvest starts in October when the olives, still green, have the best quality and organoleptic properties.

100% organic production

We aim for the absolute quality, an essence, that is born from fatigue and love for the land.

An uncontaminated area

Our oil comes from a hilly area where nature is still uncontaminated, maybe one of the last areas in the Tuscia.